English Bulldog
English Bulldog

English Bulldog

White Aluminum Print
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English Bulldogs are very special to us.  We have a beautiful English Bulldog named Juney that brings so much joy to our lives.  Affectionately known as Bullies, the English Bulldog is the ultimate lover of cuddling, snoring, and being man's best friend.


This aluminum print is part of the doggo collection™.  The doggo collection™ is our evolving cartoon series focused on capturing the beauty and personality of each and every AKC dog breed using purely our Sixty-Four Colors™


The Standard Edition of this print features a yellow background that we call "Pineapple".  The Amelia Edition features our purest color, an ever so slightly off-white that allows you to create a reverse-pop™ effect with the colors of your own walls.  


We hand press our artwork onto 0.045” thick gloss surfaced aluminum panels using a dye-sublimation process. This technique results in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy along with excellent detail and resolution. Our aluminum prints are also extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our hand signed 10x10 inch prints feature aluminum wall mounts which help cast a natural drop shadow, giving your art an even greater sense of depth and presence for your family and friends to admire.


We are a two-person team that believes in quality-first.  Our aluminum prints are unique and handcrafted in our humble New England studio.  We use only the finest locally sourced materials  to provide you with a true artisan experience and a product that is created for a lifetime of enjoyment :)

When you place an order with us, you are supporting a small business.  Everything that we do ranging from the tiniest of tasks to the most critical are handled exclusively by the two of us.  By keeping all of our production in house and on-demand, we are able to deliver the highest quality artisanal goods directly to our customers.


For every order of one hundred dollars or more from julesandthom.com, we will contribute five dollars to our local college scholarship fund in an effort to encourage young artists to follow their creative passions.