Our Story

Photo by Danielle Calini

Hi, we're Jules + Thom and here is a little snapshot of our journey so far...

We met and fell in love during the summer of 2017.  Our mutual passion for drawing led to the formation of our company, Jules + Thom, LLC in January of 2018.

In the earliest stages of our artistic endeavors, we created a simple, but beautiful colour palette in an 8x8 matrix featuring sixty-four of our favorite colours. We then spent months fine tuning each and every hue and choosing the perfect name to represent each colour's essence. Our unique and distinctive colour palette is one of the most defining qualities of our work.

In March of 2018, we began to illustrate the doggo collection™ and have been busy drawing dogs of all shapes and sizes ever since.

What You Can Expect From Us & What We Expect From Ourselves

Our mission is to create beautiful collections of art and to bring them to the world in a unique + sustainable manner by using both traditional and modern craftsmanship.  We are dedicated to delighting our customers and delivering a handmade product that is unrivaled in quality and vibe.

Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

We are a two-person team that believes in quality-first.  Our aluminum prints are unique and handcrafted in our humble New England studio.  We use only the finest locally sourced materials  to provide you with a true artisan experience and a product that is created for a lifetime of enjoyment :)

When you place an order with us, you are supporting a small business.  Everything that we do ranging from the tiniest of tasks to the most critical are handled exclusively by the two of us.  By keeping all of our production in house and on-demand, we are able to deliver the highest quality artisanal goods directly to our customers.

Making a Difference

For every order of one hundred dollars or more from julesandthom.com, we will contribute five dollars to our local college scholarship fund in an effort to encourage young artists to follow their creative passions.