Here are some questions that we get asked from time to time.  Please connect with us if you have any questions that are not covered below :)

Do you only draw dogs?

We love to draw all sorts of thing.  While the doggo collection is our first commercial offering, we plan on creating and releasing many more collections of cartoons in the future.

Will you draw my dog?

Sorry, but we do not offer pet portrait services.  Our doggo cartoons represent a marriage of appearance + vibe at a breed-by-breed level.  We spend a lot of time researching the social characteristics of each dog breed that we draw to give our cartoons the feel that they have. We actually like to think of each one of our doggos as a character and incorporate that particular character's personality into the drawing.  To make someone's pet into a doggo cartoon requires an even deeper understanding of what makes the dog tick at an individual level.  Without actually knowing someone's pet, it is not possible for us to illustrate the pet's personality, only its outward beauty. Without those two pieces united, it unfortunately wouldn't be a true doggo.

What charities do you donate to?

For every order of one hundred dollars or more from julesandthom.com, we will contribute five dollars to our local scholarship fund in an effort to encourage young artists to follow their creative passions.

Can your aluminum prints be displayed outside?

Our aluminum prints  are primarily designed for indoor use, in rooms with low to moderate humidity (not attics or basements).   To maintain your doggo’s longevity, it is not recommended to display it in prolonged, direct sunlight, or store it in environments over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I care for my new doggo?

You may want to consult with your vet but to take care of your doggo print, we recommend applying a few dabs of room temperature water to a clean cotton or microfiber cloth. You will want to wipe your doggo print using gentle, circular motions. If your doggo print requires a deeper clean, we recommend using Ammonia-free glass cleaner applied lightly to a cotton or microfiber cloth. Please do not use ammonia or acetone-based cleaning products. Those chemicals dramatically reduce the longevity and durability of your doggo's protective finish.

How long will my order take?

All orders are 100% handmade by the two of us.  The time it takes for us to hand-press our cartoons to aluminum and have it shipped to your door is usually under a week.  Our printing and pressing days are every Tuesday and Thursday.  Our shipping days are Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays, so in many instances the time for your order may even be as little as a few days.  You can track your shipping directly through our website.

Are you on social media?

We post fairly regularly on Facebook + Instagram.

When will you be drawing XXX breed?

The best way to keep up with our latest drawings is to follow us on our social media channels.  We tend to prioritize any specific breed requests that we see in the comment sections of our posts ;)

Will you change the background colour on one of your doggo cartoons?

We carefully pick the background colour for each of our doggos to accentuate the personality of the breed and the drawing. Due to this, custom background colours are not an option that we offer.

Can I use your cartoons for my commercial, personal, or educational project?

Any and all use of our cartoons or other assets is strictly prohibited without written permission from Jules + Thom, LLC.